Friday, 17 January 2014

Andrew was given the captain's white jersey for the day by Peter Baines, in recognition of his work with his wife Sue for Hands Across the Water. He led the riders out early in the morning along the coast and we stopped to feed some sprightly monkeys.
We spent some ks out on the highway again and then we rode inland through plantations of coconut trees, fanned by sea breezes.
Then we climbed a short but steep hill to a large temple overlooking the plantations and the sea. We all found the lowest gear on our bike, and our lungs, in the ride to the top.
The descent was short and sweet and in no time we were drinking a coconut before lunch.
We checked into a seaside hotel, Keeree waree, at Ban Krut with 70-odd ks on the clock and a chance to let our bodies recover further from yesterday's long hot ride.
Tomorrow - 120ks to Chumphon.

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  1. Fabulous photos - they highlight your day's activities!
    Keep those legs pumping, you're doing well :-)